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Cinnamon and Raw Honey for weight loss.

Cinnamon and Raw Honey for weight loss.

Raw Honey and Cinnamon for weight loss? Yes please!

Finally, we decided to bring together cinnamon and raw honey in the same jar and the combination is heavenly. We are so fortunate to have amazing desert honeys like Mesquite and Desert Blend that help make this healing honey a taste from heaven.

About 3 years ago a customer stopped by the honey stand and shared that her and her husband had excellent results loosing weight with the combination of warm water, cinnamon and raw honey taken in the morning before breakfast and before bedtime. It was a bit surprising to me because I never heard of cinnamon and honey being used this way for that purpose before. Then it seemed that the more I looked up information about health benefits of cinnamon and raw honey, weight loss was coming up frequently.

If you consider the fact that raw honey helps to stabilize insulin levels and cinnamon with it's detoxing capabilities, no wonder it's being used as a weight loss drink.

Green tea and cinnamon honey recipe:

Its very simple, I prefer the loose leaf green tea as opposed to the tea bags. If you like using tea bags for the practicality of it, then that is perfectly fine as well.

Steep the tea bag or the loose leaf wire basket for 1 to 2 minutes. I find that I can get 2 teas out of this short steeping process and I get a lighter not so bitter tasting tea, but you can go the 3 to 5 minute recommended steeping time for a stronger green tea your are the master of your world so go ahead. ___________________________________________________________________________

Cinnamon helps by improving digestion and absorption as well as it promotes elimination. It releases toxins from the body and helps circulation by strengthening the heart and warming the kidneys. Because of its blood thinning properties, cinnamon helps prevent heart attacks.

Start your new year by adding a simple change like this one to your daily regimen and your heart and health will improve greatly!

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