A Veteran & Female Owned Family Business specializing in Honey, handmade Soaps, skin care, pollen, and all things related. Out

Our Story


Who can believe that a broke, worn down, and desperate man sitting on the side of the road selling honey with just a table, and a chair, would soon find his all but forgotten dreams come true. The family he always wanted, and the business dreams are made of. This business would carry the man and his family through the most challenging, and rewarding moments of their lives.
True Love Honey was born from the trials we all experience, but so very few see through. True Love for us in the end, proved the strongest force of all.
We are grateful, and uplifted to be standing still to this moment, as our commitment to each other grows stronger, and stronger with each new day. With profound, and lasting personal consequence, we want to thank you all for the years of loyalty you have given us as Holly’s Little Farm.
As always, we will continue to move forward, and bring you the best Raw Honey money can buy under our new name of True Love Honey.

Once again, we thank you for your continued loyalty. It has been our pleasure meeting all of you at our roadside stands! From all of us here at True Love Honey, a real family owned and operated local business.


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