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Bee pollen is a natural substance that contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins. Widely available in dietary supplement forms like pills and tablets. (We do not recomend them however because they are not fresh. (Fresh Bee Pollen must be kept frozen for long term storage to retain its potency) Bee pollen is also very high in protein and carbohydrates, in fact it is a super food. A complete source of amino acids and vitamins. Some people use bee pollen supplements to achieve certain health effects, such as relief of allergy symptoms, and increased energy. There is nothing like fresh Bee Pollen. So yummy!


Always consult your doctor before starting new dietary regiments. Some people have mild and even severe reaction to bee stings. If this is you, you may not want to take bee pollen as it can produce anaphylactic reactions with sensitive people.

Have you ever had bee pollen before?

This guide will help you take the necessary precautions to insure proper assimilation of bee pollen.

Because Fresh Bee Pollen is very potent we want to give you the following safety instructions:

First, try a few granules in your tongue. Look for any reactions like tingling and numbness. These are signs of an allergic reaction. If you feel any of these symptoms you can still take bee pollen, all you have to do is follow a loading phase. It is a good practice to follow the loading phase regardless of allergic reaction or not.

1st week every other day start by taking a ¼ of a TEASPOON mixed with food like: cereal, smoothie, shake, yogurt, etc. NO HOT BEVERAGES!

2nd week double the dosage to ½ of a TEASPOON mixed with food, still every other day.

3rd week triple the dosage to ¾ of a TEASPOON mixed with food every other day.

4th week take the entire TEASPOON mixed with food every other day.

During the loading phase, if you notice any mild reactions reduce the quantity of bee pollen and continue the loading phase. If you feel discomfort on a scale of five or more, you may want to quit taking bee pollen.

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United States

Bee pollen

Perfect in every way! Product was fresh, expertly packaged with timely delivery. I can always depend on True Love ♥️♥️

Dusty K.
United States

bee pollen for allergy & health

I have a family of allergy suffers we learned about the use of raw honey and pollen we plan on using the pollen every other day starting with a small amount and gradually working up to a spoon full the price was very good. Truelove honey seams to care very much for their bee and honey and that is good for us all I plan on buying more honey and pollen

A True Love Honey Customer
stephanie c.
United States

Bee Pollen

Great! Very fast shipping and great price.

United States

Only just started

Have only just started the product, will know more in a month or so. Company was easy tomwork with and very effiecient getting the product into my hands.

Inge H.
United States

Bees are Amazing!

Great Experience! Great Company Story! My allergies are reduced by approx 60% in about 2 weeks of taking a teaspoon a day recommended by my doctor! I wanted to scratch my eyes out from allergies before this. The allergy meds were all short term supression. This works. It is suggested to start with a very small amount to make sure there are no allergies to bee pollen.<3