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Bee pollen is a natural substance that contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins. Widely available in dietary supplement forms like pills and tablets. (We do not recomend them however because they are not fresh. (Fresh Bee Pollen must be kept frozen for long term storage to retain its potency) Bee pollen is also very high in protein and carbohydrates, in fact it is a super food. A complete source of amino acids and vitamins. Some people use bee pollen supplements to achieve certain health effects, such as relief of allergy symptoms, and increased energy. There is nothing like fresh Bee Pollen. So yummy!


Serious allergic reactions to bee pollen have been reported, including potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis (a type of severe, whole-body allergic reaction). These reactions can occur even with small amounts (i.e., less than one teaspoon). Most of these case reports involved people with known allergies to pollen. If you have a pollen allergy, it's crucial to take caution and consult your physician prior to consuming bee pollen.

If you have a bad reaction to bee stings chances are you will have a reaction to bee pollen as well. How severe depends on more than one factor. There is much material on the Internet, and we suggest you do due diligence in determining whether or not bee pollen is for you.

If you know you want to try bee pollen, here is method that will help you slowly get used to it. Follow these direction with great care, and as always, if you have questions call us BEFORE you eat any!

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Bee Pollen loading phase

1st. week take ¼ of a teaspoon of bee pollen with either cereal, yogurt or smoothie every day preferably at breakfast time. Look for any reactions like tingling or numbness in your mouth and throat. If you do notice any of these symptoms, that means you have to build your tolerance to the bee pollen and decrease the frequency of the dosage to every other day instead of daily.

2nd week take ½ of a teaspoon of bee pollen with breakfast and continue to be on the look out for any reactions. Again if you do notice any tingling or numbness in your mouth or throat just reduce the frequency and the dosage to previous routine.

3rd week take ¾ of a teaspoon of bee pollen with breakfast if you continue without any reactions, end your week at this dosage and continue to the next phase. If you do notice any of the reactions previously mentioned, follow the same steps. Reduce frequency and dosage.

4th week take 1 full teaspoon of bee pollen with breakfast, still continue to look for symptoms mentioned above. This is your last week of loading phase you can continue to take this dosage safely from this point on


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